After a hiatus of several years, the Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine is back online.

Initiated by PSNM President, Dr. Gerard Goco, the PSNM Board is pleased to welcome you to our new website.

The PSNM Board hopes to utilize this website for official announcements, and for promotion of quality in practice, education and research.

Our Society endeavors that together we, unceasingly, chase the vision. — Dr. Gerard Goco


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Very much suddenness bu the passing of Dr. Goco. It seems like yesterday where he and Dr. Ogbac made their first step to SLMC Nuclear Medicine . I was on duty that day. I wanted to remember him as the mild mannered gentleman with a great smile. To Dr. San Luis who has been his mentor as I read your dedication for him I feel much great loss that you are having. To Dr. Barrenexhea I know that it feels like you lost a sin of your own raising and culturing a talent like his. To the rest Nuclear Medicine staff which a was and will be a part of all my prayers to you all. Prayers for strength in the midst of this fight against the pandemic of this virus that claimed the life of our beloved family member.

    May you Rest In Peace Dr. G



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