(Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Gerard Fabian L. Goco, Chair of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, St Luke’s Medical Center, who succumbed to COVID-19, at 10:20 AM April 4, 2020 at age 52.)

What now, World? The hour glass has now been made empty,
With the passing away of our dear friend & colleague, Raldy;
He fought a good fight for weeks in bed alone & solitary
He might have had even a glimpse ahead of his journey.

‘Twas in 2000 when Raldy with 4 others into an urgent task deployed:
To man the Department that was suddenly made void;
With their help its services continued, no was was put on hold
From then on: Up! Up! And Away! Looking back, how we’ve grown old.

Through the years, Raldy was always a mainstay & mentor
To the succeding wave of youngsters eager for a tutor;
Now, they are themselves colleagues filled with vim & vigor
Interpreting scans & images generated from atomic scintillators.

Was it not only 4 years ago in our small scientific organization
He held its realm with great competence & dedication?
The brand of leadership attests to tasks done with utmost satisfaction
Personal & inter-relational both exemplars in every profession.

His earthly travel, you, nasty COVID cut very prematurely
Don’t you know how it pains all of us so grievously?
Consoled we are with the firm belief that our dear colleague Raldy
Is now accompanied by angels along the road to eternity.

– Dr. Teofilo San Luis, Jr.